• Food Service Assistant

    Posted: 01/06/2022

    TITLE:                        Food Service Assistant


    1. Able to read and write English, to do simple arithmetic.
    2. Able to follow oral and written direction and recipes without requiring close supervision.
    3. Able to grasp and adjust to new and changing situations.
    4. Ability to operate equipment in cafeteria and kitchen including cash register, scales, steam table, slicer, mixer, deep fat fryer, tomato slicer, steam kettle, compartment steamer, dishwasher and other equipment normally found in a commercial environment.
    5. Neat in appearance.  Required to wear uniform-type clothing, hair net or cap covering on hair, comfortable protective shoes.
    6. Tuberculosis health certificate signed by a physician stating applicant to be free of communicable tuberculosis.
    7. Ability to perform all duties in the kitchen as assigned by the manager.  No one is employed to perform a specific task.
    8. Ability to effectively interact in a positive, friendly and cheerful manner with customers.
    9. High School diploma or G.E.D.
    10. Certificate of completion in Applied Foodservice Sanitation Course.

    REPORTS TO:            Cafeteria Manager

    SUPERVISES:             N/A

    JOB GOAL:               

    Performs functions involved in the preparation, set up, service, and clean up of meals to cafeteria customers.  Responsible for the prompt, courteous, and accurate service of foods to cafeteria customers, maintains a sanitary work environment.


    1. Assist and give quality performance in any area of food service assigned by the manager.
    2. Cheerfully service food to customers in accordance with the customers’ preference and in the quantity specified by the manager.
    3. Help in preparation and pre-preparation in the allocated time of school lunch and breakfast as assigned on the work schedule.
    4. Maintain a clean work environment at all times. Following established cleaning and sanitation practices in all food preparation, set, and service areas. Responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of large and small equipment, and washing of pots and pans when assigned or needed.
    5. Set up areas for service including cafeteria counter, steam table, and utensils, etc. before service
    6. Cashiering is a crucial point of accountability, the documenting of all meals served, and the basis for all reimbursements claimed. When cashiering is assigned to an individual, he/she must:

    A.  Be able to recognize a reimbursable meal (K-12) at glance. 

    B.  Be familiar with:

    • all prices
    • methods of collecting payments
    • the operation of the cash register
    • eligibility categories

    C.  Receive money from students and adults and account properly for sales.

    D.  Count and wrap money at the end of the service to verify actual cash received at his/her station (manager will count after cashier to assure accuracy).

    E.  Complete the cashier portion of the Cashier/Manager Cash Count   Report daily if applicable.

    F.  Never leave the cash register drawer unattended while money is in the drawer.

    7.  Perform other duties as assigned.



    • Manual dexterity
    • Capability of frequent repetitive motion
    • Ability to lift up to 50lbs. daily for short periods of time; frequent lifting of lesser weight
    • Long periods (3 to 5 hours) of standing and walking
    • Able to work in a warm, humid environment
    • Ability to work under pressure


    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:          10 month year; Grade 7 on the hourly pay scale



    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Personnel.

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