• 5 Reason to Shop Small in Hopewell and Prince George County, VA

    Show some love where you live and shop local this holiday season (and all year, too!)

    Here are 5 Reasons Why: 

    1. Studies show that .60 of every dollar is returned to the community when you shop small.
    2. Since small businesses are usually owned by local community members, shopping small encourages an organic strengthening of community and local relationships, both business and social.
    3.  In a small business you’ll receive personalized, sincere customer service.
    4. Shopping small creates diversity in your shopping cart and in turn, in your home!
    5. Most importantly, you’ll feel good about the money you spend. Rather than wincing when swiping your card at a big-box store, you’ll feed into a sense of altruism that will make you feel good about the money you spend in a small business.