• Virginia Civil War History in Prince George County's Back Yard


    Today I met a descendant of a Sergeant who fought in Petersburg at the Battle of the Crater. His family had found some documents which placed the young South Carolinian Sergeant at the battle 153 years ago!

    Considered one of the most brutally famous battles of the Civil War, the Battle of the Crater took place right in Hopewell and Prince George County’s backyard. After failed attempts to take over Richmond’s main supply base in Petersburg, Union forces decided to tunnel under a section of the Confederate camp and destroy the defenses from below.

    The tunnel, which had been dug under sleeping Confederate soldiers, was filled with black powder and detonated in the dawn of July 30th, 1864. The bloody event that followed the explosion is known as The Battle of the Crater. It was expected to be a sweeping Union success, but quickly transformed into a vicious engagement turned around by Confederate soldiers. The plan of attack designed by General Ambrose Burnside failed and Confederate forces were able to take control of the battle.

    Want to know more? Visit : https://www.nps.gov/pete/index.htm


    Stop by the Hopewell Prince George Visitor Welcome Center and let our travel advisors guide you to more local Civil War sites throughout Hopewell and Prince George County! The entrance to this battlefield is five minutes from the center and just a short drive to unique wineries and riverside dining.