• Bird Watching on the Appomattox River Trail

    When you are walking through Appomattox Riverside Regional Park, it is hard not to notice much of the wildlife living there. The natural habitat of American Sycamore trees provided by the 10 mile river trail is home to many species of birds such as Northern Cardinals, Carolina Wren, and the Yellow-Rumped Warbler. Through the shrubbery and foliage, you’ll see sparrows feeding on seed heads and hear the thumping of woodpeckers. There is nothing like seeing a bald eagle soaring through the trees and over the glimmering Appomattox River.

    With the expansion of the Appomattox River Trail, you’ll have access to even more of our magnificent feathered friends. Learn More at http://folar-va.org/projects/appomattox-river-trail-and-signage-master-plan/