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  • Breez-In Marches On

    The year may be coming to a close and many businesses may be winding down for the Holidays, but, not Breez-In. They have a lot in store for 2019 (pun intended). 

    If you thought the Breez-In empire was restricted to Hopewell & Prince George, you were mistaken. The latest product of the Bogese business acumen is a newly renovated convenience store on Pole Green Road in Mechanicsville. This new store features many of the things we know Breez-In for, such as the giant, tundra-like, walk-in beer cave (beware of the Wampa guarding the bevies) and delicious hot food, including their famous fried chicken (it is Virginia's finest, after all). However, the Mechanicsville location does have something completely unique; a Hunt Brother's pizza joint serving made to order and hot and ready pies. So, if you find yourself up that way, breeze in and get yourself something tasty. 

    "My kingdom for a horse!", cries David Jr. 

    Well, maybe not a horse, but, certainly a bigger office. Obviously, he's been a good boy this year, because the Prince George County Board of Supervisors granted Breez-In's rezoning request to build a new 3,000 sq ft office building on James River Drive (Rt. 10). After all, every successful operation needs a state of the art command center, right?

    Text: Daniel Jones