• Donate More than Just Food in Hopewell and Prince George County, VA

    This Holiday Season, remember to give back to your local community. One of the most impactful charities you can contribute your time, money, or donated items to is the Food Bank.  
    What do food banks REALLY need?

    Consider donating your time. You know the saying, “Time is money.” Sometimes your time is better spent volunteering than writing a check, not only will the organization thank you, so will your wallet and altruistic needs. Volunteer as a group, with friends and family members, or make new connections in your community and volunteer alone.

    Writing a check is greatly appreciated, too! Often food banks must supplement their donated stock with bulk purchases. They can even use gift cards and, of course, cash.

    If you’re gathering donations for a food bank, remember a few most-needed items and try to include these:
    Canned sources of protein- tuna, chicken, salmon ect.
    Canned unsalted nuts
    Low sodium canned soups- beef stew, chicken noodle….the hearty stuff
    Peanut butter
    Boxed stuffing

    For more information how and/or what to donate our local food banks call:
    Hopewell Food Pantry (804) 530-3546
    Prince George (804) 733-1691