• Happy and Healthy in Hopewell and Prince George VA!

    One of the best parts about volunteering is meeting new people! Volunteering creates groups of like-minded people, who may have totally opposite backgrounds, working toward the same goal but from different perspectives. These creative and diverse perspectives bring fresh ideas to organizations which allow them to prosper in their mission.

    Today we were reminded of this during an inspiring conversation with Whitney, our newest volunteer. Whitney, who is a health educator, answered my question: “what is the real secret to weight loss?” She is a WEALTH of knowledge! She gave me all the not-so-secret “secrets,” some great tips about meal-prepping, and explained that it’s not just reducing bad food, it’s reducing stress, too!

    Whitney is creating content for our website geared to families at Fort Lee and will be out in the community experiencing all that Hopewell and Prince George have to offer (which is a TON!) She will be creating a park guide, reviewing nature trails, helping plan community engagement events, and casting her light on how to stay happy and healthy in our community. Whitney brings a unique perspective on what Hopewell and Prince George have to offer as a happy and healthy community.

    Do you realize how beneficial exploring the outdoors is for your health?! Walking trails, running through downtown, kayaking the river, and simply meditating in a peaceful park all contribute to our health and wellness!

    Let the Hopewell/Prince George Visitor Welcome Center be your guide to all of the recreational opportunities our community has to offer! Stop in and let us set you up with the best maps of the rivers and information about the many different parks, trails, and marinas right here in Hopewell and Prince George! You may even catch Whitney here and can ask for the nutrition "secrets" she shared with me!