• Hopewell Prince George LOVEwork attracts visitors from around Virginia and beyond.

    Although LOVEworks around Virginia have been popular and attracting visitors for some time, the 50th Anniversary of Virginia is for Lovers is really bringing people out of the woodwork. Almost like geocaching or some sort of a Pokemon Go game featuring love-themed pieces of art, LOVEworks are enthusiastically hunted down for their photo opportunities. At least several times a week, cars stop by the visitors center and disgorge couples holding hands or excited families here to snap a shot in front of our lovely and unique LOVEwork. Built by local citizens and artists, Kirk Thore, Chris Thore, Danny Riddle, Mark Shornak, and Steve McDonough.

    Quoting an older article written at the time of the LOVEworks installation in 2015, "The “L” was constructed to look like the pilings of a pier and represent the areas four marinas. A bench is also built into the pier for sitting and photos. The “O,” constructed out of an old industrial gear, represents the local agricultural industry. The “V” represents the river ecosystem by using corrugated metal and aqua paint, and  the “E,” painted with stars and stripes, represents the strong history of military presence in the area."

    Celebrate 50 Years of Love and see our LOVEwork for yourself!