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  • Letter from The President, Conall Fee

    Dear Fellow Members,
    This Chamber turns 100 in September, 2020. So many organizational leaders have preceded us and a great deal of resources have gone into its projects, events, relationships, and ideals over the years. The landscape, culture and industry have changed a great deal in the last 100 years, but our responsibility remains largely unchanged; protect and improve the business environment and the area supporting it.
    Recognizing that change is not going to slow down, we have a great opportunity by focusing on the future and what we need to do differently today to ensure that the Chamber is agile and our region is dynamic and enticing. A huge factor in how successful we are will be how many people we can engage in the process of imagining and creating what the Chamber will look like tomorrow, next month, next year…..and beyond. Clearly this starts with the Chamber having a good understanding of what its Member’s expectations are, and what you-all would like to see more of or less of going forward. If you have a minute to share your thoughts, please email: admin@hpgchamber.org.
    We envision a Chamber that takes action, is bold and collaborative. It’s going to be an exciting year and I’m honored to be the President.