• New Hopewell Resident is a Rock Star

    Diane and Frank Zimmerman were drawn back to Hopewell VA from their retirement in Florida.
    Family brought them back and rather than return to a neighboring county, they expanded their search to include Hopewell. They fell in love with a home in Mansion Hills and have lived in this area since November 2016.

    About the time of their relocation they visited a friend in Appomattox, VA.  While there they came in contact with a grassroots social, creative community activity involving the painting, hiding, finding of small rocks.  Diane could not wait to bring this activity back to her new hometown of Hopewell.
    You can join this activity by visiting Hopewell VA Rocks where you will meet Diane and all of the local rock stars.  So far Diane has place over 100 uniquely painted rocks in public spaces throughout the city.

    The rocks are found on purpose during a search or by accident.  Selfies are encouraged and the rocks are re-hidden and a hint in posted by the finder on the Facebook page. 

    Hopewell VA Rocks is a fun, creative, inexpensive activity for kids, families and groups.  Tourists are welcome to join in the fun!  For more information visit the Facebook page or e-mail dbzrn59@gmail.com