• New ''Taco Joint'' coming to Downtown Hopewell

    Roja, a taco restaurant by Meredith Dean, to open in Downtown Hopewell
    Hopewell, VA – A new taco restaurant will soon open in downtown Hopewell, adding to the mix of businesses helping to revitalize the historic downtown district.
    Roja, a concept by entrepreneur Meredith Dean, will serve a variety of specialty crafted tacos, beer, wine, and liquor, inside of a renovated 1950’s Valentine Diner once known as “The Little Chef.” Meredith is the current owner of Verde which operates out of Guncotton coffee and gallery providing breakfast, lunch, and baked goods options for the coffee shop. 
    “Quote from Meredith about her passion and reason for starting this new business”
    Meredith started her career in education, earning a PhD in _______________ . She returned to her hometown of Hopewell in _______ with a desire to get involved in the revitalization effort and start a business in line with her passion for cooking and healthy lifestyles.  Her first business Verde, was started in _______ and has developed somewhat of a cult following in the community. 
    “Verde has become synonymous with quality and healthy food,” says Evan Kaufman, Executive Director of the Hopewell Downtown Partnership. “People go out of their way to get one of Meredith’s signature smoothie bowls or Avocado Toast.  She now caters for many events in the community and has been a great boost to our revitalization effort in downtown.”
    Meredith sources here ingredients from local farmers and producers as she looks to create sustainable, healthy meals for the community. 
    “Quote from Meredith about her philosophy on food and reason for starting her business in Hopewell”
    Her new Roja space has a large outdoor area that she plans to use for live music, games, and community gatherings.  She is currently working to renovate the space and plans to be open by the end of the year. 
    To stay updated on her progress, you can follow her on Facebook at: