• Helping Friends Find Henricus!

    I loved helping a group of friends discover history near Hopewell and Prince George Virginia!

    “We just want to spend time together.” No formal tours then, no shopping, food later.
    “We want to visit with each other and soak up some history along the way.” How easy it was to suggest Henricus Historical Park

    This gem met all of their requests for minimal driving, self-guided tour, nature, quiet, walking trail, authentic history, great view of the river and convenient to restaurants for lunch. 

    Like so many unique travel stops, you might turn around before arriving if it weren’t for the signage that beckons you through commercial/industrial developments and construction sites. 

    Sure, we use GPS, but we still count on well-placed, attractive, readable signs to guide our journey and it never hurts to find a friendly, knowledgeable travel advisor like Sarah Henderson with the Hopewell and Prince George Virginia Certified Visitor Center at Exit 9 off I-295 near Richmond, Virginia.  Thanks Sarah!