• Skip the Hassle of Cooking on Christmas Eve and Eat Out in Hopewell or Prince George County, Virginia

    For the past few years my family has gone out to eat for Christmas Eve dinner and we are happier for it. Rather than making a big mess in your kitchen slaving over the stove and then having to clean it all up afterwards, take your family out to a restaurant and enjoy the feeling of coming home with a full belly and no extra cleaning before Santa makes his delivery.

    Here is a list of local restaurants that will be open Christmas Eve for dinner:
    Ruby Tuesday, closes at 9pm
    Kanpai Japanese Steak & Sushi, closes at 9:30pm
    Rosa's Italian Ristorante Pizzeria, closes at 8pm
    Leone’s Italian Restaurant, closes at 8pm
    The Boathouse at City Point, closes at 8pm (reservations only)
    Sushi Y, closes at 10pm
    Dockside Restaurant, closes at 7pm
    Lighthouse Restaurant, closes 7pm

    Remember that since you’re eating out on Christmas Eve all the restaurant staff are away from their families, so tip graciously and leave a good review online to help their business! If you encounter exceptional service, let us know by emailing your review to tourism@hpgchamber.org

    Photo found at https://palmerkane.photoshelter.com/image/I0000N6b7daKzNc8