• Brighten Up Your Environment in Hopewell and Prince George County Virginia

    Welcome back!

    Today we’re are expanding on the first step to beating those winter blues: Make your environment brighter.

    Here are a few ways you can accomplish that in Hopewell/Prince George, VA!

    First, open your blinds! Let in some natural sunlight and your mood will immediately lift!

    Next, try finding a new environment that’s bright if you have some work to do, I’ll be using the café area at the Prince George Library in the upcoming weeks because it’s so bright with lots of windows!

    Finally, grab a highlighter or colorful pen! If the weather is dreary and the natural light isn’t pouring in, brighten up your work by adding pops of color. You could even raid the dollar store for some fun, brightly-colored office supplies to brighten up your desk!

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    photo cred: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-14976553-stock-footage-woman-use-tablet-with-sunbeam-business-girl-young-against-blue-sky-window-and-architectural-view.html