• Eating Smarter in Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia

    Hey there, glad you’re back for more!

    On our journey to beat the winter blues, today we delve into eating smarter in Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia.

    To us, eating smarter means two things; first eating healthy, and second eating informed.
    Eating healthy means making sure you have a balance of macro nutrients in each meal and consistently incorporating fruits and veggies. Eating informed means knowing what macro nutrients are, what a healthy balance is, and how they fuel your body!

    Doing your own research is a great place to start. Begin with exploring the health and nutrition stacks in the library. Hopewell Library and Prince George Library are both great resources with lots of choices ranging from educational texts, cook books, and also magazines.

    For more information on the Appomattox Regional Library System visit their website here.

    Combine Monday’s tip of brightening your environment with today’s tip of eating smarter and create a colorful meal! Try a spinach salad with chicken and a trio of colorful bell peppers, or a nutrient-packed colorful smoothie with beets, banana, blueberries, and spinach! YUM!

    photo credit:http://eatingsmartbeingactive.colostate.edu/