• Helping Others Brightens Mood in Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia

    As we continue to explore the steps that brighten our spirits during the winter doldrums, take a moment to appreciate the change in weather we’ve had the past few days!

    Today, Wednesday Feb 21st, Central VA may see a record-breaking high for the month! With a high of 77 degrees, we can thank Mother Nature for a little spring-preview!

    Now, on to how we can positively affect our mood.

    Helping others taps into our altruistic desire to do good. Whether we donate items, our time, our skills, or talents, or a monetary donation to a charitable organization, we are helping others.

    This altruistic feeling that feeds our sense of self-pride is argued to be a biologically –driven emotion dating back to our ancestors’ pack-mentality for survival. Helping others and working as a team influenced the performance and survival of the whole group.

    It’s not hard to remember the feeling you had the last time you unselfishly helped another person. Whether you dropped change in the Salvation Army’s kettle while Christmas shopping or donated gently used clothes to Goodwill after your New Year cleaning-spree, I bet you felt happy and a sense of pride about your good deed!

    There are numerous ways to help others here in Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia.

    The best resource to find a good match for you is the Hopewell/Prince George Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Welcome Center. We have strong connections with many charitable organizations in Hopewell, Prince George County, and Central Virginia and are happy to connect you with them based on your skills and talents, commitment, and preferences.  

    Photo Credit: www.BigStockPhoto.com