• Happy National Floral Design Day from Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia

    A bit of history courtesy of https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-floral-design-day-february-28/
    “Floral Design Day was created as a unique way to celebrate a special birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston over 60 years ago.  Mr. Rittner is a pioneer in floral art education.”

    In 1995, Governor William F. Weld of Massachusetts, proclaimed this day as Floral Design Day. 

    Check out these local florist’s if you’re in need of a floral design to celebrate today!

    The Gardener's Gate
    Hopewell, VA
    (804) 452-4424

    Sunshine Florist & Gifts, LLC
    Hopewell, VA
    (804) 452-1255

    Wyatt's Florist, LLC
    Prince George, VA
    (804) 458-6392
    Needful Things Florist & Gifts
    Prince George, VA
    (804) 541-7979
    Anything Grows
    Hopewell, VA
    (804) 458-0532

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