• Visit the 43rd Annual Culinary Competition on Fort Lee, Virginia

    March 12, 2018. Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to taste the hard work of the Advanced Food Service Training Division at Fort Lee, VA.

    Today through the 15th you can glimpse into the world of Fort Lee’s training operations by attending different culinary events held at McLaughlin Fitness Center located 500 Lee Ave, Fort Lee, VA 23801.

    Beginning at 9AM and lasting until 4:30PM, the students of the Advanced Food Service Training Division will be participating in live cooking events, individual competitions, team competitions, food displays, live demonstrations, hot foods competitions, and nutrition competitions.

    This is a free event to attend. A limited seating lunch is available by first-come-first-serve for $5.60.

    For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Army.Culinary/ or call 804-734-3106.