• Visitor Center at Fort Lee in Prince George County

    To visit Fort Lee, located in Prince George County Virginia, you will need to first stop at the Dukes Welcome Center.

    The Dukes Welcome Center currently houses Fort Lee’s Visitor Information Office, the offices of the Physical Security branch, the Visitor Control Center, and Weapon Registration.
    The Visitor Information Office can help visitors find a destination on post and answer general questions about Fort Lee services.
    Whether you’re visiting a family member, looking for the museums, or are moving to Fort Lee for an extended time, the Dukes Welcome Center is a wealth of knowledge for all of your questions about Fort Lee.
    Be prepared with your vehicle’s information including: license plate number, make, model, color, and year. The driver will need to have on hand their driver’s license. Also, each adult must have a photo ID.   
    When you enter the Welcome Center there is a touch screen kiosk where you select your reason for visiting and take a ticket. When your number is called a staff member will go over the required paperwork and will then issue your visitor pass, if you need a pass for longer than one day make sure to note that on in your paperwork.
    Filling out the paperwork takes a very short time, roughly 5 minutes. Being served by a staff member may take longer based on how busy the Welcome Center is on the day you visit.
    For more information about the surrounding area make sure to stop at the Hopewell/Prince George Visitor Welcome Center located on Rt 36 “Oaklawn Blvd.” just 2 miles east of Fort Lee gates.