• 5 Easy Steps to Clean Up Hopewell and Prince George County, VA

    As Earth Day approaches, our local communities are pushing a beautification effort to clean up Hopewell and Prince George County, VA.  

    Everyone is encouraged to participate in these efforts to clean up our communities, here are 5 super easy ways you can help!

    1. Pick up litter at home and on the street where you live
    2. Pick up litter at work around where you park and the front door
    3. Pick up litter at your favorite local park, and try to every time you go!
    4. Make sure to put trash in the appropriate receptacles, and encourage your children and friends to do the same
    5. Always be on the lookout for trash that can easily be cleaned up while you’re out and about, it takes less than 5 minutes to pick up a few pieces of trash but would make a huge difference if everyone did!
    Keep up with Hopewell and Prince George’s clean-up campaigns on Facebook, in The Progress Index, and the Hopewell Herald/Prince George Post publication.

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    image credit: https://anoige.ie/earth-day-2017/  

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