• Local Coffee Roaster Starts with Green Beans in Hopewell, Virginia

    Downtown Hopewell, Virginia—The newest business in downtown is grinding!

    Legacy Roasting Company is now roasting, grinding, packaging, and selling coffee in downtown Hopewell. Larry Hancock, owner, gave me a brief tour of his operations and it was absolutely impressive!

    If you’ve never experienced the smell of freshly roasting coffee you’re missing out! Larry starts each batch with green coffee beans, then they are roasted to perfection based on how light or dark the batch will be, then its ground and packaged in-house.

    I left with 2 bags of “Firethorne” which has a chocolatey smell and tastes smooth. It’s the only thing at my house worth getting out of bed extra-early! I don’t even need an alarm clock thanks to an automatic coffee pot programmed for 7:30AM, the aroma of this delicious coffee is enough motivation to get me up!

    Legacy will be open for retail Fridays from 2-6pm and they’re hosting a Grand Opening on June 3rd!

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