• Hopewell and Prince George Virginia Photography Project

    Hopewell native Daniel Jones, who now lives in Croatia, is visiting home and has taken on the role of photographer in the newest Hopewell Prince George Virginia tourism marketing project! We are equally excited and thankful.

    This photography phase of the much larger tourism project is the strong foundation on which we will build a network of cohesive and complementary marketing campaigns.

    Not only are we working with Daniel, who is an extremely talented photographer, but we have an arsenal of both seasoned and new marketing professionals. Our graphic designer has done work for Colonial Williamsburg. Our PR Consultant has an extremely successful career behind her. Bringing balance, we have a talented recent graduate of VCU marketing volunteering with us, too!

    For a taste of what we’re doing, Daniel is having a gallery exhibition at Guncotton Coffee and Gallery where he has a studio on Thursday May 17th, the same evening Hopewell Downtown Partnership kicks off Third Thursday summer series!

    Here are some Facebook links to check out