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  • Author Visits Hopewell Prince George Virginia Visitor Welcome Center

    Today I met author Gordon C. Rhea thanks to local historian George Fickett! George brought Gordon to the Hopewell Prince George Visitor Welcome Center for a photo opportunity as they began a Civil War tour of Hopewell and Prince George Virginia. 

    Rhea’s book On to Petersburg, which was published September of 2017, details Grant and Lee’s Overland Campaign from the Wilderness to Petersburg.

    You can read the first few pages of Rhea’s book here  https://read.barnesandnoble.com/book/on-to-petersburg-grant-and-lee-june-4-15-1864/i-may-5-june-3-1864-grant-and-lee-deadlock-at-cold-harbor#322

    Another author says:
    “In this fifth and final volume of his magisterial study of Grant’s Overland Campaign from the Wilderness to Petersburg, Gordon Rhea maintains the high standard of the preceding volumes. He shows in clear and engrossing detail how the brilliant stroke of the Army of the Potomac’s disengagement from Cold Harbor failed in the end to capture Petersburg, thereby prolonging the war and its crushing casualties another ten months.” -----James M. McPherson

    Do you want to experience the same tour Gordon Rhea is taking today? Call the Hopewell Prince George Visitor Welcome center today, we can set you up with George Fickett for your own personal tour! 804-541-2461 4100 Oaklawn Blvd Hopewell VA 23860