• Park Hoppin' in Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia

    When I was a little kid, my dad would take my brother and me out on a Saturday to visit as many parks as we could before nap time set in. He called this “park hopping,” and we made so many fun memories playing together as a family.  

    I always wanted to find the best swing set (I still at 25 years old test drive every swing set I come across) while my brother wanted to find and climb the tallest slide. I think my dad liked the waterfront parks best, but I remember being unimpressed when they didn’t have a playground!

    Now when I look for parks, I’m more interested in nature trails that are dog friendly (bonus if there’s a swing set).

    I’m looking forward to this time next year when there will be signs for a trail called the “ART,” short for Appomattox River Trail.  This trail will have everything…history, architecture, nature, fishing, boating, biking, hiking, resting, picnicking, wildlife…fun!

    Stay tuned for more information on the ART or visit http://folar-va.org/projects/appomattox-river-trail-and-signage-master-plan/ to see their plan for the future!
    You can visit one portion of the ART now at Appomattox River Reginal Park located at 800 Folar Trail, N. Prince George, VA!
    *Photo creds to my mom, she and my dad are still park hoppin’! They’re enjoying the trail at Appomattox River Reginal Park!