• Top 40 Under 40: Class of 2019

    Colonial Heights and Hopewell/Prince George Chambers Introduce a Pilot Program to Recognize 40 Under 40 Individuals
    After Hours Hosted by Sonabank

    Colonial Heights, Va. – The lobby of Sonabank’s Colonial Heights Branch was packed with nominees and chamber members who were there to support individuals with a passion for our community. Members and guests enjoyed locally sourced refreshments and winners were awarded with an embossed portfolio and a 40 Under 40 window cling for the “Class of 2019.”.
    Ann Cabell Williams, Chief Retail Officer of Sonabank, set the tone by emphasizing the importance of local businesses and local initiatives that make a difference.
    Becky McDonough, CEO of HPG Chamber and John Brandt, Executive Director of Colonial Heights Chamber thanked everyone for the great turnout and explained that this was a pilot program that can be expanded in the future with other partners.  “Getting it off the ground this year was the priority and it was simply easier to do with a short deadline and only two organizations working out the logistics.”  “We know we can improve on the process next year with such positive response.
    The idea for the program came from David Clifton, Virginia American Water Company Operation’s Manager which is how we arrived at our Master of Ceremonies Choice, Leslie Steves, PE and Senior Superintendent of Operations, Virginia American Water, and a member of our under 40 area professionals.
    Leslie recognized each winner and asked for each one to share their passion which ranged from youth activities and animal welfare to foster parenting and safety with all sorts of community and professional activities in between.
    Thanks to our media partner, the Progress-Index and Hopewell Herald Prince George Post each winner will have their own spotlight in the newspaper until everyone’s story has been shared.

    The Finalists are:
    Aaron Reidmiller
    Amanda Binford
    Birju Bhagat
    Brad Owens

    Brandon Massenberg

    Brandon Seier

    Cailee Mallahan

    Cara Buckley
    Carmen Faison
    Cole Elder
    Corey Dunnavant
    Courtney Bujakowski
    Crystal Benjamin
    Daniel Jones
    Danny Bowles
    David Bogese, Jr.
    David Leming
    Drew Comstock
    Eddie Fisher
    Eliza Lamb
    Ginny Gum
    Jackie Bowles
    Jessica Vlkojan
    Johnny Partin
    Josh Roberts
    Justin Carroll
    Kevin Strosnider
    Larry Hancock
    Meredith Dean
    Naquetta Mitchell
    Parker Slaybaugh
    Patience Bennett
    Robyn Sordelett
    Rosey Slocum
    Samantha Santilli
    Stephanie Stables
    Terence Doctor
    Tony Cannon
    Travis Ridley
    Tricia Palmer
    William Davenport
    Yoti Jabri