• Six Reasons Why Our Hopewell- Prince George County Virginia Visitor Center Feels Southern

    Top Six Reasons Why Our Virginia Visitor Center feels Southern

    1. Our front porch ceiling is the color of the sky.
    2. We offer our visitors a cool drink.
    3. We greet you with a “Hi ya’ll, where ya’ from?”
    4. We get it when you say you MUST HAVE some southern fried chicken NOW!
    5. Ancestry is interesting and we LOVE helping people find theirs!
    6. You are mysteriously drawn in by the unique Hopewell and Prince George, Virginia story.
    Let us help you design the perfect southern tour worthy of a true Virginian here at Hopewell-Prince George Visitor Welcome Center. We can create a unique itinerary for you and your family that combines the sights, sounds, smalls, and tastes of our community which truly sets us apart as a quintessential southern destination.

    photo of Upper Shirley Vinyards from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/130249318