• Trucks, and tractors, and classic cars, oh my! Near Hopewell, Virginia

    The Keystone Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights, VA is home to 60 trucks and 180 tractors on display! And that’s just counting those on display; behind-the-scenes are more waiting to be restored!

    This family owned and operated museum is a time capsule that feeds not only your mind and memories, but your belly, too! When you walk through the front doors you’re greeted with delicious smells of barbeque pork…absolutely mouthwatering.

    I was most surprised to find a Hopewell, VA artifact! An early Hopewell Fire Department truck is on display in the room where special events are held. I was so happy that a little piece of Hopewell was on display in such a monumental museum!

    Visit it yourself, and tell Bones that Sarah sent you. This museum is a MUST on your local history tour! What’s more representative of Hopewell and Prince George County, Virginia than tractors and BBQ?!

    Here are their website and Facebook links:

    Check out our Facebook post about our visit here: https://www.facebook.com/HPGChamber/