• Virginia's ''finest'' Peanuts in Hopewell, VA

    Did you know that a Virginian produce staple actually originated in South America?

    How did the humble peanut uproot from South America and wind-up in Hopewell, VA?

    Once discovered in South America by Spanish colonists, the peanut plant was sent back to Europe and spread to Asia and Africa! It made its way to the Southern U.S. in the 1700s by way of English colonists and enslaved West Africans.  

    The first commercial peanut crop in Virginia was grown in Sussex County in the early 1840’s.
    After the boll weevil destroyed the South’s cotton crop in the 1890’s, noted scientist Dr. George Washington Carver suggested that peanuts be the replacement money crop.

    Today the majority of Virginia’s peanut production is concentrated in the southeastern corner of the state. There are many manufacturers in the region, ranging in size, from small gourmet processors to Planters Peanuts which is located in Suffolk.

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