• Why Did Lincoln Stop First in Hopewell VA in 1865?

    On March 23, 1865 Lincoln, along with son Tad, and wife Mary boarded the River Queen and departed for City Point (now eastern City of Hopewell). They arrived a day later and the President began his travels by horse and train to meet with the wounded soldiers and military leaders. 

    He trudged up a rather steep incline to spend two of the last three weeks of his life in City Point where he dreamed of his death. 

    Today visitors come to Hopewell from all over the world to see what Lincoln saw and feel what Lincoln felt.  www.walkinlincolnsfinalfootsteps.com. We invite you to stop in the Hopewell Prince George Visitor Welcome Center which is open seven days a week conveniently located near I-95 and I-295 in Central Virginia.  Grab educational materials and allow a knowledgeable travel consultant to help you plan an interesting itinerary including local food, wineries, music, and of course, history in the “best PART of Virginia.”