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  • Discover the wonders of flat water paddling in Hopewell and Prince George VA

    Discover the wonders of flat water paddling in Hopewell and Prince George VA

    Discover the wonders of flat water paddling in Hopewell and Prince George VA

    Hopewell and Prince George VA, August 28, 2018 – Discover the wonders of flat water paddling on Virginia’s Scenic Appomattox River in Hopewell and Prince George, Virginia. While paddling your kayak or canoe, you can expect to see eagles, osprey, egrets, and keep your eyes open for the American shad who just might jump into your boat! 
    Charlotte Rhodes, a retired college professor, and her husband recently took up kayaking on the Appomattox and James Rivers surrounding Hopewell and Prince George. “We can do it together, it is low impact, and we can share our love of the water and the outdoors with our grandchildren!”  Rhodes said. She also loves that fact that local creeks and tributaries of the Appomattox are wild life refuges and bird sanctuaries.
    The Appomattox offers two kayak launches, easy portage from City Park, and excursions.  Whether you want to drop a line from your kayak, paddle with your pets, go with a group or go it alone, there is much to enjoy on this Central Virginia waterway.
    Choose to float a concert provided by Rockin’ on the River in Hopewell or Harbor Blast.  The final 2018 concerts are September 5, 8, 19, 22, October 6 and 13.
    Paddle though history and learn how important the Appomattox River has been to American Indian settlements, settlers, generals, commerce, and wildlife. 
    Corporations are showcasing the beauty of the region to visitors by taking them for a paddle.  “We’ve taken the opportunity on a couple of occasions to take business guests visiting the area on group kayaking tours on the Appomattox. These were unique experiences that gave our visitors a real appreciation of both the natural beauty and history surrounding the river. Of course, it helped to cap off the day at a great local restaurant in celebration of a good workout!” said Lorin Sodell, Rolls-Royce Crosspointe Site Director. 
    On Saturday, September 29, Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) offers its 11th Annual Paddle-or-Battle on the Appomattox River.  Kayaks may be rented. Call 804-490-8143 to reserve.  Paddle the distance or the shorter two-mile run from Pocahontas Island with a turn-around at nearby Roslyn Landing Park.
    FOLAR is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Improving access to the river through completion of the 20+ mile Appomattox River Trail (ART) is a priority for FOLAR and the community. Additional information can be found on the FOLAR website, www.folar-va.org.
    On Saturday, October 6, the Hopewell Department Recreation & Parks is offering a trip to Morris Creek, off the Chickahominy River to the south of Hopewell. The six-hour trip (9 am – 3 pm) will take visitors though the historical area of Virginia, where the settlers in the 18th and 19th century established their plantation homes.  Register by Oct. 3.
    On Saturday, November 3, the Hopewell Department of Recreation & Parks is offering a trip from Lakeview Reservoir up Swift Creek toward Pocahontas State Park. The six-hour trip (9 am – 3 pm) will be a leisurely paddle for beginners.  Register by Oct. 31.
    The Department of Recreation & Parks will provide all the equipment for these two trips, including kayaks, as well as transportation to and from the launch site. The trip is for those aged 14+. Any participants under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian.  For more information call 804-541-2353.
    Visitors who want help with a weekend itinerary, please contact the Hopewell and Prince George, VA, tourism office: 1-800-863-8687. A travel advisors will be happy to share details on accommodations, food, musical performances and entertainment in and near Hopewell and Prince George, Virginia.
    Hopewell/Prince George, Virginia, is located 20 miles south of Richmond, Virginia, situated on 35 miles of historic riverfront on the Appomattox and James Rivers. The Visitor Center is just off Interstate 295 between Richmond and Williamsburg and has major transportation arteries running through it – Route 10, Route 460, and I-85.

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